Find YOUR Balance

For nearly three decades, I have been in private practice working with both individuals and couples.  My approach is eclectic, with treatment being individualized for each clients needs. My style is warm, engaging, and respectful.

My areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to, recovery, relationship/intimacy building, ADHD, sexuality/sexual orientation/LGBT issues, and Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunction. Additionally, I use hypnosis and hypnotherapy in treating ADD, anxiety/fears, relaxation techniques, and breaking destructive/compulsive/addictive habits or behaviors. Treatment is tailored to best meet the needs of my clients, with both Hypnotherapy and Coaching being solution-focused and time-limited.

I consider myself to be blessed by the opportunity to assist you in challenging old behaviors and reframing healthier narratives moving forward in your life. I look forward to assisting people to effect change by identifying their own inner strengths.  I also act as a Mediator and Coach in helping couples to learn better communication skills and increase levels of intimacy while decreasing tension, anger, and resentments in their relationships. 

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Sharyn Rose